careful etymology

English word careful comes from Old English cearu (Anxiety. Care, caution. Suffering, sorrow, grief.), Old English ċearu, Old English -ful (Full of; -ful.)

Detailed word origin of careful

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cearu Old English (ang) Anxiety. Care, caution. Suffering, sorrow, grief.
ċearu Old English (ang)
-ful Old English (ang) Full of; -ful.
ċearful Old English (ang)
cearful Old English (ang) Careful, full of care, sad.
careful Middle English (enm)
careful English (eng) (obsolete) Full of care or grief; sorrowful, sad.. (obsolete) Full of cares or anxiety; worried, troubled.. Conscientious and painstaking; meticulous.. Having care (for); attentive to potential danger, error or harm; cautious.

Words with the same origin as careful

Descendants of cearu
care carefree carefully caretaker caring
Descendants of ċearu
Descendants of -ful
awful beautiful colorful delightful fearful grateful handful helpful hopeful meaningful merciful painful peaceful respectful rightful shameful stressful successful suspenseful thankful thoughtful useful wonderful