carotenol etymology

English word carotenol comes from English -ol, English carotene

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-ol English (eng) (organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol. Indicating an oily substance.
carotene English (eng) (organic chemistry) A class of tetraterpene plant pigments; they vary in colour from yellow, through orange to red, this colour originating in a chain of alternating single and double bonds.. (organic chemistry) Specifically, a number of isomers of tetraterpene hydrocarbons, C40H56, (especially beta-carotene), present in carrots etc, which are converted into vitamin A in the liver.
carotenol English (eng) A yellow pigment; an alcohol of carotene.

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Descendants of -ol
aldol androstanol anethole archaeol caldarchaeol cannabidiol catecholamine catecholate diol dodecanol fucusol gingerol glycol hypergolically ichthyol lanolin laurinol lonchocarpol menthol mesitylol methanol neomenthol pratol sesamol
Descendants of carotene
apocarotenoid ketocarotenoid noncarotenoid