carpophyll etymology

English word carpophyll comes from English carpo- (Fruit. (chiefly, _, medicine) carpus (wrist) or hand.), English -phyll (Leaf.)

Detailed word origin of carpophyll

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carpo- English (eng) Fruit. (chiefly, _, medicine) carpus (wrist) or hand.
-phyll English (eng) Leaf.
carpophyll English (eng) (botany) A leaf converted into a fruit or a constituent portion of a fruit; a carpel.

Words with the same origin as carpophyll

Descendants of carpo-
carpogenic carpological carpologist carpology carpopedal carpophore carpophyte carpospore carpotarsal
Descendants of -phyll
erythrophyll hydroxanthic megaphyll megaphyllous mesophyll mesophyllic microphyll xanthic xanthic acid xantho- xanthuria