catecholamine etymology

English word catecholamine comes from English catechol, English -amine ((organic chemistry) An amine.)

Detailed word origin of catecholamine

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catechol English (eng) (organic compound) The biologically important diphenol ortho-dihydroxy benzene; isomeric with hydroquinone and resorcinol.
-amine English (eng) (organic chemistry) An amine.
catecholamine English (eng) (biochemistry) Any of a class of aromatic amines derived from pyrocatechol that are hormones produced by the adrenal gland.

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Descendants of catechol
Descendants of -amine
acylethanolamine acylpolyamine antihistamine catecholaminergic cholestyramine diamine flustramine glutamine histamine hydramine hydroxylamine indoleamine methamine methylscopolamine monoaminergic monoethanolamine phosphatidylethanolamine polyamine polyamine oxidase rhodamine scopolamine sulforhodamine tetramethylrhodamine trichloramine