censor etymology

English word censor comes from Latin censeo, Latin censo, Old Latin censor (Censor.)

Detailed word origin of censor

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censeo Latin (lat) I assess.. I count or reckon.. I decree, vote or determine.. I give an opinion.. I recommend.. I think, suppose or judge.
censo Latin (lat)
censor Old Latin (itc-ola) Censor.
censor Latin (lat) A critic, especially a severe one of morals and society. Censor. Provincial magistrate with similar duties.
censor English (eng) (history) A Roman magistrate, originally a census administrator, by Classical times a high judge of public behavior and morality.. (psychology) A hypothetical subconscious agency which filters unacceptable thought before it reaches the conscious.. An official responsible for the removal of objectionable or sensitive content.. One who censures or condemns. (transitive) To remove objectionable [...]

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cense census central excise excise excise house exciseman recension
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