ceromancy etymology

English word ceromancy comes from English -mancy (Divination.), Ancient Greek κηρός

Detailed word origin of ceromancy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-mancy English (eng) Divination.
κηρός Ancient Greek (grc)
ceromancy English (eng) Divination by pouring melted wax into water and interpreting the bubbles formed.

Words with the same origin as ceromancy

Descendants of -mancy
aeromancy amniomancy anthracomancy arithmancy astragalomancy astromancy belomancy bibliomancy chiromancy cyclomancy entomomancy hieromancy logomancy molybdomancy oneiromancy ornithomancy psychomancy selenomancy sideromancy spodomancy tasseomancy tephramancy xylomancy zoomancy
Descendants of κηρός