chemokinesis etymology

English word chemokinesis comes from English -kinesis (Movement, motion.), English chemo- (Relating to or using chemicals or chemistry.)

Detailed word origin of chemokinesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-kinesis English (eng) Movement, motion.
chemo- English (eng) Relating to or using chemicals or chemistry.
chemokinesis English (eng) (chemistry, biology) The motile response of an organism to chemical compounds, especially at a cellular level.

Words with the same origin as chemokinesis

Descendants of -kinesis
acrokinesis aerokinesis amphikinesis autokinesis biokinesis diakinesis ferrokinesis geokinesis hydrokinesis hypokinesis metakinesis microkinesis neurokinesis nucleokinesis optokinesis orthokinesis parakinesis photokinesis pryokinesis psychokinesis teek telekinesis telekinetic thermokinesis
Descendants of chemo-
chemexfoliation chemoarchitectural chemoattractive chemocyanin chemofossil chemohormonal chemoinvasion chemometric chemometrician chemoprophylaxis chemopsychiatric chemoreception chemoreflex chemorepulsion chemoresistant chemoselection chemosensitizer chemospecificity chemosurgical chemosynthetic chemotactic chemotaxis chemothalamectomy chemotherapy chemotrophy