chemorepulsion etymology

English word chemorepulsion comes from English chemo- (Relating to or using chemicals or chemistry.), English repulsion

Detailed word origin of chemorepulsion

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chemo- English (eng) Relating to or using chemicals or chemistry.
repulsion English (eng) (physics) The repulsive force acting between bodies of the same electric charge or magnetic polarity.. An extreme dislike of something, or hostility to something.. The act of repelling or the condition of being repelled.
chemorepulsion English (eng) (biology, chemistry) The action of a chemorepulsant; negative chemotaxis.

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Descendants of chemo-
chemexfoliation chemoarchitectural chemoattractive chemocyanin chemofossil chemohormonal chemoinvasion chemometric chemometrician chemoprophylaxis chemopsychiatric chemoreception chemoreflex chemoresistant chemoselection chemosensitizer chemospecificity chemosurgical chemosynthetic chemotactic chemotaxis chemothalamectomy chemotherapy chemotrophy