chiasmus etymology

English word chiasmus comes from Ancient Greek χ, English -lite (Used to form names of rocks and minerals.), Ancient Greek χι

Detailed word origin of chiasmus

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
χ Ancient Greek (grc)
-lite English (eng) Used to form names of rocks and minerals.
χι Ancient Greek (grc)
χιάζω Ancient Greek (grc)
χιασμός Ancient Greek (grc)
chiasmus Latin (lat)
chiasmus English (eng) (rhetoric) An inversion of the relationship between the elements of phrases.

Words with the same origin as chiasmus

Descendants of χ
chiastic chiastolite
Descendants of -lite
abukumalite acadialite danalite dendrolite foralite francolite grapholite heliolite hematolite lepidolite malacolite meteorolite ottrelite paranatrolite phytolite pisolite praseolite radiolite retinalite ripidolite scorzalite thinolite turrilite umbalite