chloraurate etymology

English word chloraurate comes from English aurate ((inorganic chemistry) Any salt of auric acid.), English chloro- ((chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.)

Detailed word origin of chloraurate

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aurate English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) Any salt of auric acid.
chloro- English (eng) (chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.
chloraurate English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) An aurochloride.

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Descendants of chloro-
Chloromycetin chloracetic acid chloracetyl chloralkali process chloramide chloranil chlorauric chlorazol chlorimetry chlorobromide chlorochloric acid chlorochromate chlorocyanamide chlorocyanilide chloroethane chloromethyl chlorophyll chloropicrin chloroplatinite chloropropionic chlorosalicin chlorovaleric chlortetracycline pentachlorophenol trichlorethylene