chlorosulfuric acid etymology

English word chlorosulfuric acid comes from English sulfuric acid, English chloro- ((chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.)

Detailed word origin of chlorosulfuric acid

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sulfuric acid English (eng) (American spelling, inorganic compound) A transparent, oily liquid, formula H2SO4, that is a strong acid with very many industrial applications.
chloro- English (eng) (chemistry) Containing chlorine.. Green in color.
chlorosulfuric acid English (eng) (inorganic compound) The strong acid ClSO2OH obtained from sulfuric acid by the replacement of a hydroxyl group with a chlorine atom; it is used in the preparation of sulfonic acids.

Words with the same origin as chlorosulfuric acid

Descendants of sulfuric acid
chlorosulfate pyrosulphuric acid
Descendants of chloro-
chloroacetic chloroadamantane chloroauric chlorobenzene chlorobiphenyl chlorocarbon chloroethylene chloroguanide chloromethylphenylsilane chloroplast chloroprocaine chloropyridine chlororuthenate chlorosilyl chlorosulfite chlorotoluene chlorotoxin chlorotriazine chloroxylenol dichlorocarbene dimethylchlorosilane tetrachloromethane trichloroethane trichlorofluoromethane