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English word cholesteric comes from English ergot, Modern Greek (1453-) στερεός (Firm, solid (of foundations, bodies etc).), Modern Greek (1453-) χολή

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ergot English (eng) Any fungus in the genus Claviceps which are parasitic on grasses.. The sclerotium (wintering stage) of certain fungi in the genus Claviceps, appearing as a deformed grain in certain cereals and grasses infected by the fungi.
στερεός Modern Greek (1453-) (ell) Firm, solid (of foundations, bodies etc).
χολή Modern Greek (1453-) (ell) (colloquial) gall bladder. (figuratively) bitterness, wrath, anger, bile. Gall, bile.
sitosterol English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a range of plant sterols used to prepare steroid hormones.
cholesteric English (eng) (organic chemistry) Relating to cholesteric acid or its derivatives. (physics) Of or relating to the chiral nematic phase of some liquid crystals in which the molecules are arranged in parallel planes with adjacent planes rotated slightly Any compound that forms such a liquid crystal.

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cholesterol cholestyramine ergosterol sterol zoosterol