chondroclast etymology

English word chondroclast comes from English chondro-, English -clast (Something that breaks or destroys.)

Detailed word origin of chondroclast

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chondro- English (eng) Describing something composed of cartilage.. Describing something relating to grains or having a granular structure.
-clast English (eng) Something that breaks or destroys.
chondroclast English (eng) (cytology) A large, multinucleated cell involved in the resorption of calcified cartilage.

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Descendants of chondro-
achondrogenesis chondral chondrin chondroconduction chondrocranium chondrocytic chondrodysplastic chondroepiphysis chondrogenesis chondrogenic chondrolaryngoplasty chondronecrosis chondrophyte chondroplasty chondroprogenitor chondrotoxic chondrotoxicity costochondral costochondritis endochondral interchondral neochondrogenesis osteochondral vertebrochondral
Descendants of -clast
biblioclast bioclast cranioclast crystalloclast lithoclast odontoclast osteoclast osteoclastic osteoclastoma phytoclast preosteoclast pyroclast