choriogenin etymology

English word choriogenin comes from English -genin, English chorio- (Chorion.)

Detailed word origin of choriogenin

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-genin English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form words for the aglycone (non-saccharide) residues of steroidal glycosides.
chorio- English (eng) Chorion.
choriogenin English (eng) (protein) Any of a group of proteins that are precursors to the formation of the chorion of an egg.

Words with the same origin as choriogenin

Descendants of -genin
amelogenin digoxigenin saligenin sapogenin thermogenin xysmalogenin
Descendants of chorio-
chorioadenoma chorioamnion chorioangioma choriocarcinoma choriomeningitis chorioretinal chorioretinitis chorioretinopathy choriovitelline