chromatography etymology

English word chromatography comes from English -graphy, English chromato- (Color.)

Detailed word origin of chromatography

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-graphy English (eng) Represents something written or otherwise represented in the specified manner, or about a specified subject.
chromato- English (eng) Color.
chromatography English (eng) (analytical chemistry) Any of various techniques for the qualitative or quantitative separation of the components of mixtures of compounds; all characterised by the use of a mobile phase (gas or liquid) moving relative to a stationary phase (liquid or solid) - the differences between the rates of migration of the compounds between the two phases effects the separation.

Words with the same origin as chromatography

Descendants of -graphy
CDT CT adenography aerography angiography bathygraphic cryptography crystallography dendrography enigmatography iconography lexicography mammogram oceanography quasar radiculography radio radio silence rheography splanchnography stenography tomography vasography zoography
Descendants of chromato-
chromatogram chromatolysis chromatomap chromatophilic chromatophore chromatoscanner chromatoscope chromatosphere haemochromatosis