chromocratic etymology

English word chromocratic comes from English chromo-, English -cratic

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chromo- English (eng) (biochemistry) chromatin. (chemistry) chromium. (physics, quantum chromodynamics) color; property of quarks and gluons that is related to the particles' strong interactions in the theory of quantum chromodynamics. Color.
-cratic English (eng) Used to form adjectives, of or befitting -cracy. Used to form adjectives, of or befitting -crat.
chromocratic English (eng) (geology) Melanocratic.

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Descendants of chromo-
chromoblast chromocenter chromocyte chromoelectric chromoendoscopy chromoleucite chromolithography chromometer chromomethylase chromomycosis chromonym chromopermittivity chromophile chromophonic chromophotography chromophyte chromoplast chromoshadow chromotherapy chromotype chromous chromous chloride chromoxylography nonchromogen
Descendants of -cratic
Eurocratic adhocratic androcratic antitechnocratic heterocratic hierocratic ideocratic kleptocratic leucocratic leukocratic logocratic melanocratic nontechnocratic phallocratic physiocratic plutocratic polycratic technocratic technocratically xerocratic