chronotopic etymology

English word chronotopic comes from English -topic (Place.), English chrono- (Time.)

Detailed word origin of chronotopic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-topic English (eng) Place.
chrono- English (eng) Time.
chronotopic English (eng) Of or pertaining to a specific time and place.

Words with the same origin as chronotopic

Descendants of -topic
bitopic cochleotopic eurytopic heterotopic isotopic retinotopic spatiotopic viscerotopic
Descendants of chrono-
astrochronology chron chronal chronogeometry chronolatry chronolect chronological chronology chronomancy chronomantic chronometry chronophile chronoscope chronosequence chronostratigraphy chronosystem chronotherapeutic chronotherapy cosmochronology crony cronyism dendrochronology gyrochronology radiochronology