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English word circuit comes from Old French circuit, which in turn comes from Latin circuitus, which is ultimately derived as a combination of Latin circum "around" and eo "I go" (the Latin inifinitive form of "eo" being "ire") .

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eo Latin (lat) I go (form of the Latin verb "ire" meaning "to go")
circum Latin (lat) About, around, near. Nearby, at, in the neighbourhood of. Through, among, to About, around. In a circle, all around, on both sides.
circueo Latin (lat)
circumeo Latin (lat) I go, travel or march around; I circulate. I skirt. I surround, encircle, enclose or encompass.
circuitus Latin (lat) Circuit. Circumlocution. Cycle, period. Patrol. Revolution (going around).
circuit Old French (fro)
circuit Middle English (enm)
circuit English (eng) (Methodist Church) A district in which an itinerant preacher labors.. (Scientology) A thought that unconsciously goes round and round in a person's mind and controls that person.. (electricity) Enclosed path of an electric current, usually designed for a certain function.. (historical) Various administrative divisions of imperial and early Republican China, including:. (legal). (legal) The [...]

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commence count countdown countless exit experience experienced inexperienced initial initiation initiative issue itinerary obituary perish sudden trance transit transition