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English word ciscentric comes from English -centric, English cis-

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-centric English (eng) Having a specified number of centres. Having a specified object at the centre, or as the focus of attention.
cis- English (eng) (chemistry) Forming names of chemical compounds in which two atoms or groups are situated on the same side of some plane of symmetry passing through the compound.. (gender) Cis; cisgender or cissexual.. (gender) Of, related to, or specific to cis persons.. (geography) 'On this side of'.
ciscentric English (eng) (LGBT) Centering on or overemphasizing cissexuality and/or cissexual people.

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Descendants of -centric
Afrocentrically Americentric Christocentric Danocentric Hibernocentric Scotocentric Swedocentric acrocentric androcentric autocentric cybercentric egocentric endocentricity excentric heterocentric holocentric idiocentric jovicentric lipocentric matricentric metrocentric nucleocentric omphalocentric somatocentric
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Cisatlantic Cisleithan cis man cis woman cisgender cisgene cisgenesis cisinteraction cislesbian cislocative cislunar cismarine cismasculine cisnormative cisphobic cisplanckian cisprivilege cisregulation cisregulatory cissexism cissexual cissexuality cistactic ciswash