English word clerk comes from Ancient Greek κλῆρος, and later Old English clerc (Clergyman, clerk.).

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κλῆρος Ancient Greek (grc)
κληρικός Ancient Greek (grc)
clericus Late Latin (LL)
clēricus Late Latin (LL)
clericus Latin (lat) (Late Latin) a learned man, clerk. (Late Latin) a priest, clergyman, cleric.
clerc Old English (ang) Clergyman, clerk.
clerc Middle English (enm) A clergyman, usually in Christianity.
clerk English (eng) (Quakerism) A facilitator of a Quaker meeting for business affairs.. (archaic) A cleric or clergyman.. (archaic) In the Church of England, the layman that assists in the church service, especially in reading the responses (also called parish clerk).. One who occupationally works with records, accounts, letters, etc.; an office worker. To act as a clerk, to perform the duties or functions of [...]

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