coat etymology

English word coat comes from Proto-Germanic *kuttô (Cowl, woolen cloth, coat.)

Detailed word origin of coat

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*kuttô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Cowl, woolen cloth, coat.
cotta Latin (lat) Undercoat, tunic.
*kotta Frankish (frk)
cotte Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Overshirt, tunic.
cotte Middle English (1100-1500) (enm)
coat English (eng) To cover as a coat.. To cover with a coat of some material (countable) A covering of material, such as paint.Paint. (countable) An outer garment covering the upper torso and arms.Coat (clothing). (countable) The fur or feathers covering an animal's skin.Coat (animal). (obsolete) A petticoat.. (uncountable, nautical) Canvas painted with thick tar and secured round a mast or bowsprit to [...]

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Descendants of *kuttô
cottage overcoat raincoat tails