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English word cobot comes from English robot, English collaborative

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robot English (eng) (South Africa) A traffic light (from earlier robot policeman).. (chiefly, science fiction) An intelligent mechanical being designed to look like a human or other creature, and usually made from metal.. (figuratively) A person who does not seem to have any emotions.. (surveying) A theodolite which follows the movements of a prism and can be used by a one-man crew.. A machine built to carry [...]
collaborative English (eng) (management) An organized group of people or entities who collaborate towards a particular goal Of, relating to, or done by collaboration.
cobot English (eng) A robot intended to interact physically with humans in a shared workspace.

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-bot Duchovbot Mobot Ronbot Twitterbot Zogbot aimbot biobot bot botfly botlike botmaster botnet infobot lawbot maegbote magbote manbot pleasurebot prostibot robo- roboid robomb shopping bot
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