cockpit etymology

English word cockpit comes from English cock, English pit

Detailed word origin of cockpit

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cock English (eng) (transitive) To form into piles. (British, NZ, pejorative, slang) A stupid person.. (curling) The circle at the end of the rink.. (dated, humorous) A chief man; a leader or master.. (informal) shuttlecock. (informal, British, Tasmania) Term of address.. (slang, vulgar) The penis.. A boastful tilt of one's head or hat.. A male bird, especially:. A rooster: a male gallinaceous bird, especially [...]
pit English (eng) (informal) A pit bull terrier. (transitive) To remove the stone from a stone fruit or the shell from a drupe. (archaeology) A hole or trench in the ground, excavated according to grid coordinates, so that the provenance of any feature observed and any specimen or artifact revealed may be established by precise measurement.. (aviation) A luggage hold.. (colloquial) Armpit.. (countable) A [...]
cockpit English (eng) (nautical) A well, usually near the stern, where the helm is located.. (obsolete, nautical) The compartment set aside for the care of wounded during naval engagements; the sickbay.. An enclosure for cockfights.. The space for those in control of a nautical, aeronautical, or astronautical vessel.