colectomy etymology

English word colectomy comes from English -ectomy ((surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.), English colo- ((anatomy).)

Detailed word origin of colectomy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ectomy English (eng) (surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.
colo- English (eng) (anatomy).
colectomy English (eng) (surgery) The surgical procedure to remove all or part of the large intestine or colon.

Words with the same origin as colectomy

Descendants of -ectomy
adenectomy adnexectomy appendectomy astragalectomy caudectomy dactylectomy embolectomy fasciectomy glossectomy hemihepatectomy ileectomy labyrinthectomised lipectomy mastectomy meniscectomy mucosectomy otectomy parathyroidectomy pleurectomy retinectomy sequestrectomy tendonectomy thymectomy thymothymomectomy tonsillectomy
Descendants of colo-
colitis coloanal colobronchial coloenteritis colopexy coloproctology colorectal colorectum coloscope colostomy colotomy colovesical colovesicular ostomy