commodore etymology

English word commodore comes from French commander, Old French -eur ((both etymologies).), Old French cumander, Old French comandeor

Detailed word origin of commodore

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commander French (fra) To order (ask for a product). To order (tell someone to do something).
-eur Old French (fro) (both etymologies).
cumander Old French (fro)
comandeor Old French (fro)
cumandeur Old French (fro) (military, Anglo-Norman, _, spelling) commander.
commandeur Middle French (frm)
commandeur French (fra) Commander.
kommandeur Dutch (nld)
commodore English (eng) (US, military, nautical) A commodore admiral. (US, military, nautical) A rear admiral (lower half). (military, nautical) A naval officer holding a rank between captain and rear admiral.. (nautical) A (temporary) commander over a collection of ships who is not an admiral.. (nautical) The president of a yacht club.

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Descendants of -eur
chauffeur commander dresser grandeur hairdresser