companionship etymology

English word companionship comes from English -ship, English companion

Detailed word origin of companionship

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-ship English (eng) Appended to a noun to form a new noun denoting a property or state of being, time spent in a role, or a specialised union.
companion English (eng) (astronomy) A celestial object that is associated with another.. (attributive) An appended source of media or information, designed to be used in conjunction with and to enhance the main material.. (dated) A person employed to accompany or travel with another.. (figuratively) A thing or phenomenon that is closely associated with another thing, phenomenon, or person.. (nautical) The covering [...]
companionship English (eng) (archaic) An association, a fellowship.. An organized group of people.. The state of being a journeyman.. The state of having or being a companion.

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censorship championship citizenship dealership dictatorship internship ladyship leadership lordship ownership partnership relationship scholarship worship worshipped