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English word comparison comes from Latin paro (I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.), Latin comparo (I compare, match, place together, couple.), Latin cum (Although. Because. When With.), Latin compar

Detailed word origin of comparison

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paro Latin (lat) I prepare, arrange. I provide, furnish. I resolve, purpose.
comparo Latin (lat) I compare, match, place together, couple.
cum Latin (lat) Although. Because. When With.
compar Latin (lat) Fellow, partner, equal (person). Spouse Equal. Similar, comparable.
comparo Latin (lat) I arrange, appoint, ordain, establish. I prepare something with zeal, care, make ready, set in order, furnish, provide. I procure, get, purchase, obtain, prepare, make, collect.
comparare Latin (lat)
comparatus Latin (lat)
comparationem Latin (lat)
comparison Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Comparison (instance of comparing two or more things).
comparison English (eng) (grammar) The ability of adjectives and adverbs to form three degrees, as in hot, hotter, hottest.. (phrenology) The faculty of the reflective group which is supposed to perceive resemblances and contrasts.. (rhetoric) A simile.. An evaluation of the similarities and differences of one or more things relative to some other or each-other.. That to which, or with which, a thing is compared, as [...]

Words with the same origin as comparison

Descendants of paro
apparatus celestial compare emperor empire empress imperative imperial parachute parade prepare repair scuba separate separation sever severance
Descendants of cum
alright collect college command commit common competition complete concern contact continue contract convince correct cos cost council count country couple court cousin cover recognize right