compliment etymology

English word compliment comes from Latin compleo, Latin instrumentum, and later Latin complementum (Complement (that which fills up or completes).)

Detailed word origin of compliment

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compleo Latin (lat) (of a promise) I fulfil.. (with food or drink) I fill, sate; satisfy.. I cover, overwhelm.. I fill up, fill full, fill out; make up, complete.. I finish, complete.
instrumentum Latin (lat) (collective) supply, provision. (general) paraphernalia, equipment. An instrument, tool, utensil. Records, documents.
cumplir Spanish (spa) To complete. To fulfil. To turn a certain age (usually succeeded by los).
complementum Latin (lat) Complement (that which fills up or completes).
cumplimiento Spanish (spa) Compliance. Formality. Fulfillment, completion.
complimento Italian (ita) (plural) congratulations. (plural) fuss, ceremony, ceremoniousness. (plural) regards. Compliment.
compliment French (fra) Compliment (positive comment).
compliment English (eng) (uncountable) Complimentary language; courtesy, flattery.. An expression of praise, congratulation, encouragement, or respect. (ambitransitive) To pay a compliment (to); to express a favorable opinion (of).

Words with the same origin as compliment

Descendants of compleo
accomplish accomplished accomplishment complete completion comply incomplete
Descendants of instrumentum
instrument instrumental