concave etymology

English word concave comes from Latin cava, Latin com-, and later Latin concavus (Concave, hollow.. Vaulted, arched.)

Detailed word origin of concave

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cava Latin (lat)
com- Latin (lat)
concavus Latin (lat) Concave, hollow.. Vaulted, arched.
concave Old French (fro)
concave English (eng) To render concave, or increase the degree of concavity. (manufacturing) An element of a curved grid used to separate desirable material from tailings or chaff in mining and harvesting.. (skateboarding) An indented area on the top of a skateboard, providing a position for foot placement and increasing board strength.. (surfing) An indentation running along the base of a surfboard, intended to [...]

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Descendants of cava
block caving cave cave in cave painting caveman cavewoman caving hammer
Descendants of com-
colleague collect collection college combat command commission complain complex compliment confirm conflict conscience constant correct cos cost couch count cousin precious price prison prisoner prize