conserve etymology

English word conserve comes from Latin com-, Latin servo, and later Old French conserver (To keep (e.g. a promise).)

Detailed word origin of conserve

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com- Latin (lat)
servo Latin (lat) (figurative) I permit, allow. I maintain, keep. I preserve, store, keep. I protect, keep, guard, watch over. I save.
conservare Latin (lat)
conserver Old French (fro) To keep (e.g. a promise).
conserve English (eng) (physics, chemistry, intransitive) To remain unchanged during a process. (transitive) To protect an environment.. (transitive) To save for later use, sometimes by the use of a preservative. (obsolete) A conservatory.. (obsolete) A medicinal confection made of freshly gathered vegetable substances mixed with finely powdered refined sugar.. A jam or thick syrup made from fruit.. Wilderness [...]

Words with the same origin as conserve

Descendants of com-
colleague collect collection college combat command commission complain complex compliment confirm conflict conscience constant correct cos cost couch count cousin precious price prison prisoner prize
Descendants of servo
conservative conservatory observant observation observatory observe reserve