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English word convert comes from Latin verto, and later Old French convertir (To convert (change from one state to another).)

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verto Latin (lat) I exchange. I retreat. I reverse (transitive). I translate. I turn around. I turn, revolve.
converto Latin (lat) I direct myself. I reverse. I rotate. I turn back or recoil. I turn over (soil etc). I turn upside-down; I invert.
convertir Old French (fro) To convert (change from one state to another).
convert English (eng) (ambitransitive, rugby football) To score extra points after (a try) by completing a conversion.. (intransitive) To become converted.. (intransitive) To undergo a conversion of religion, faith or belief (see also sense 3).. (intransitive, ten-pin bowling) To score a spare.. (transitive) To change (something) from one use, function, or purpose to another.. (transitive) To exchange for [...]

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ad adversary advertise advertisement anniversary controversial controversy conversion convertible diverse diversion diversity divert divorce pervert reverse travis uni unison universe varsity verse versus vortex