cookie etymology

English word cookie comes from Proto-Indo-European *gog, Proto-Indo-European *gag-, and later Proto-Germanic *kōkô (Cake.)

Detailed word origin of cookie

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*gog Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) ball-shaped object
*gag- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*kōkô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Cake.
*kuoko Old Dutch (odt)
*kōko Old Dutch (odt)
coeke Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) (dum) Cake.
koek Dutch (nld) (by extension) something doughy or sticky. (heraldiccharge) roundel. Cookie, cake, wafer.
koekje Dutch (nld) Cookie.
cookie English (eng) (computing, transitive) To send a cookie to (a user, computer, etc.). (North America) A small, flat, baked good which is either crisp or soft but firm.. (Scotland) A bun.. (UK) A sweet baked good (as in the previous sense) which (usually) has chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, etc. baked into it.. (computing) A magic cookie.. (computing, internet) An HTTP cookie, web cookie.. (dated, possibly, _, [...]

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Descendants of *gog
cake cakes cheek cheeky cheesecake choke cupcake fruitcake pancake