coordination etymology

English word coordination comes from Latin co- ((intensifier). Together, with.), Latin ordinare

Detailed word origin of coordination

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co- Latin (lat) (intensifier). Together, with.
ordinare Latin (lat)
coordinare Latin (lat)
coordinationem Late Latin (LL)
coordination Middle French (frm)
coordination English (eng) (chemistry) The reaction of one or more ligands with a metal ion to form a coordination compound. (grammar) an equal joining together two or more phrases or clauses, for example, using and, or, or but.. (possibly archaic) the state of being equal in rank or power.. The ability to coordinate one's senses and physical movements in order to act skillfully.. The act of coordinating, making [...]

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catch coincidence cooperation coordinate cop copper copy couple court courthouse courtroom courtyard cover coverage covert cup cupcake discover flashing key keyboard quaint recover uncover undercover
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