cophylogeny etymology

English word cophylogeny comes from English co-, English phylogeny

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co- English (eng) (mathematics) of the opposite, of the counterpart; dual. Partner or subordinate in an activity. To the same degree. Together; mutually; jointly.
phylogeny English (eng) (systematics) The evolutionary history of groups of organisms, such as species or clades.. (systematics, informal) A phylogenetic diagram.. The historical development of a human social or racial group.. The historical development of any thing, idea, etc.
cophylogeny English (eng) The evolutionary development of two or more organisms at the same time.

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Descendants of co-
coaction coadjacent coalesce coarchitect cobrand cocultural coenact coexist coherent cohost coincidental comigrate copathogen copilot coplane coproduction coregister coring cosection coseismal cosign cosine costain costar coworker
Descendants of phylogeny
phylogenic phylogenist