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English word coplane comes from English plane, English co-

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plane English (eng) (transitive) To smooth (wood) with a plane. (anatomy) An imaginary plane which divides the body into two portions.. (computing, Unicode) Any of a number of designated ranges of sequential code points.. (geometry) A flat surface extending infinitely in all directions (e.g. horizontal or vertical plane).. A level of existence or development. (eg, astral plane). A level or flat surface.. A [...]
co- English (eng) (mathematics) of the opposite, of the counterpart; dual. Partner or subordinate in an activity. To the same degree. Together; mutually; jointly.
coplane English (eng) (math) The dual of a plane.

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coaction coadjacent coalesce coarchitect cobrand cocultural coenact coexist coherent cohost coincidental comigrate copathogen copilot coproduction coregister coring cosection coseismal cosign cosine costain costar coworker