coprophile etymology

English word coprophile comes from English -phile, English copro- (Excrement, dung.)

Detailed word origin of coprophile

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-phile English (eng) Forming nouns and adjectives meaning "loving", "friendly", or "friend".
copro- English (eng) Excrement, dung.
coprophile English (eng) (ecology) An organism (typically microorganisms and fungi) living off or growing in dung or other fecal matter.. A feces-loving organism.

Words with the same origin as coprophile

Descendants of -phile
Hungarophile Indophile Londonphile Turcophile Xenaphile amphiphile capnophile entomophile gerontophile infracaninophile mesophile necrophile oenophile parthenophile pedophile pianophile pronucleophile psammophile redophile scopophile siderophile spankophile tobaccophile toxophile
Descendants of copro-
coproantigen coprogen coprolith coprological coprologist coprology copromania coprophagic coprophagy coprophenomenon coprophiliac coprophilic coprophobia coprophyte coproporphyria