coregister etymology

English word coregister comes from English register, English co-

Detailed word origin of coregister

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register English (eng) (computing) A small unit of very fast memory that is directly accessible to the central processing unit, and is mostly used to store inputs, outputs or intermediate results of computations.. (linguistics) A style of a language used in a particular context.. (mostly, US). (music) An organ stop.. (music) The range of a voice or instrument.. (printing) The exact alignment of lines, margins and [...]
co- English (eng) (mathematics) of the opposite, of the counterpart; dual. Partner or subordinate in an activity. To the same degree. Together; mutually; jointly.
coregister English (eng) To register (an image) with respect to another.

Words with the same origin as coregister

Descendants of register
caddr cadr car cddr cdr registree
Descendants of co-
coaction coadjacent coalesce coarchitect cobrand cocultural coenact coexist coherent cohost coincidental comigrate copathogen copilot coplane coproduction coring cosection coseismal cosign cosine costain costar coworker