coring etymology

English word coring comes from English ring, English co-

Detailed word origin of coring

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ring English (eng) (British) A bird band, a round piece of metal put around a bird's leg used for identification and studies of migration.. (British) A large circular prehistoric stone construction such as Stonehenge.. (UK) A burner on a kitchen stove.. (astronomy) A formation of various pieces of material orbiting around a planet.. (botany) A flexible band partly or wholly encircling the spore cases of [...]
co- English (eng) (mathematics) of the opposite, of the counterpart; dual. Partner or subordinate in an activity. To the same degree. Together; mutually; jointly.
coring English (eng) (mathematics) The dual of a ring.

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Descendants of ring
Descendants of co-
coaction coadjacent coalesce coarchitect cobrand cocultural coenact coexist coherent cohost coincidental comigrate copathogen copilot coplane coproduction coregister cosection coseismal cosign cosine costain costar coworker