coronary etymology

English word coronary comes from Proto-Indo-European *sker, Ancient Greek κορωνός, and later Latin coronarius (Crown, garland, wreath (attributive).)

Detailed word origin of coronary

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*sker Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
κορωνός Ancient Greek (grc)
κορώνη Ancient Greek (grc)
corona Latin (lat) Crown. Garland, chaplet, laurel, or wreath; presented to athletes, the gods, or the dead.
coronarius Latin (lat) Crown, garland, wreath (attributive).
coronary English (eng) (anatomy) Encircling something (like a crown), especially with regard to the arteries or veins of the heart.. (obsolete) Pertaining to a crown or garland. A coronary thrombosis or heart attack.. A small bone in the foot of a horse.

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Descendants of *sker
card circle circus corn course create crew crown current exact execution exist exit experience experiment harry her here horn increase rap rape research search whore
Descendants of κορωνός
coronation crowned