cosmochronology etymology

English word cosmochronology comes from English chronology, English cosmo- (Universe, world.)

Detailed word origin of cosmochronology

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chronology English (eng) (countable) an arrangement of events into chronological order; called a timeline when involving graphical elements.. (uncountable) the science of determining the order in which events occurred.
cosmo- English (eng) Universe, world.
cosmochronology English (eng) The science of determining timescales for astrophysical objects and events.

Words with the same origin as cosmochronology

Descendants of chronology
chronologick chronologist chronologize dendrochronological dendrochronologist geochronologic geochronological
Descendants of cosmo-
cosmochemical cosmochemist cosmochronological cosmochronometer cosmocide cosmodrome cosmogenesis cosmogenetic cosmogenic cosmogram cosmokinematics cosmolatry cosmometry cosmonuclide cosmophenomenological cosmophobia cosmopoietic cosmopolis cosmoport cosmosophy cosmosphere cosmotheist cosmotron nucleocosmochronology