cosmolatry etymology

English word cosmolatry comes from English -latry (Worship of.), English cosmo- (Universe, world.)

Detailed word origin of cosmolatry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-latry English (eng) Worship of.
cosmo- English (eng) Universe, world.
cosmolatry English (eng) Worship of the cosmos.. Worship paid to the world.

Words with the same origin as cosmolatry

Descendants of -latry
angelolatry autolatry bibliolatrist bibliolatry chronolatry demolatry epeolatry gynolatry heliolatry hierolatry hoplolatry ideolatry idiolatry logolatry mechanolatry necrolatry numerolatry phytolatry plutolatry psycholatry pyrolatry thanatolatry theriolatry zoolatry
Descendants of cosmo-
cosmochemical cosmochemist cosmochronological cosmochronology cosmochronometer cosmocide cosmodrome cosmogenesis cosmogenetic cosmogenic cosmogram cosmokinematics cosmometry cosmonuclide cosmophenomenological cosmophobia cosmopoietic cosmopolis cosmoport cosmosophy cosmosphere cosmotheist cosmotron nucleocosmochronology