cottage etymology

English word cottage comes from Old French -age, Old French cote, Old Northern French cot

Detailed word origin of cottage

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-age Old French (fro) Forms nouns with the sense of 'action or result of'. Forms nouns with the sense of 'state of being'.
cote Old French (fro)
cot Old Northern French (fro-nor)
cottage English (eng) (intransitive, Polari, of men) To have homosexual sex in a public lavatory; to practice cottaging.. To stay at a seasonal home, to go cottaging. (Polari) as a meeting place for homosexual men.. (UK, slang, archaic) A public lavatory. A seasonal home of any size or stature. A recreational home or a home in a remote location.. A small house; a cot; a hut.

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Descendants of -age
age average awesome backstage baggage damage footage hostage language leverage luggage marriage massage orphanage package passage passenger salvage save stage storage teen teenage voyage
Descendants of cote
coat overcoat raincoat tails