coumaphos etymology

English word coumaphos comes from English coumarin, English phosphate

Detailed word origin of coumaphos

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coumarin English (eng) (organic compound) the bicyclic aromatic compound 1,2-benzopyrone or any of its derivatives.
phosphate English (eng) (US, regional, dated) A carbonated soft drink sweetened with fruit syrup and with some phosphoric acid.. (chemistry) Any salt or ester of phosphoric acid. To treat or coat with a phosphate or with phosphoric acid.
coumaphos English (eng) A nonvolatile, fat-soluble organophosphate with ectoparasiticidal properties.

Words with the same origin as coumaphos

Descendants of coumarin
clausarin clausmarin coumaric coumurrayin warfarin warfarinise warfarinize
Descendants of phosphate
hyperphosphataemia hypophosphaturia organophosphatic phosphatase phosphatian phosphatic phosphatide phosphating phosphatise phosphatize phosphaturia quadruphite