courteous etymology

English word courteous comes from Latin cohortem, French -ois, Latin com, Latin hortus (Garden (in a Roman villa).), Proto-Indo-European *sker-, Proto-Italic *kortos, Latin cortensis

Detailed word origin of courteous

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cohortem Latin (lat)
-ois French (fra) Used to form adjectives related to a particular country, region or city, their associated inhabitant names, and the local language or dialect.
com Latin (lat)
hortus Latin (lat) Garden (in a Roman villa).
*sker- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) cut, to turn, bend, to bend, turn, shear, to twist, bend, dung, manure
*kortos Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
cortensis Latin (lat)
curta Latin (lat)
cors Latin (lat) (military) company, division, cohort. (military) troop of cavalry. Crowd, multitude, throng. Enclosure, yard, pen. Retinue of a praetor. The multitude.
curt Old French (fro) (Anglo-Norman).
cortois Old French (fro) Noble, upper-class. Polite, well-mannered.
curteis Old French (fro) (Anglo-Norman).
courteous English (eng) Showing regard or thought for others; especially, displaying good manners or etiquette.

Words with the same origin as courteous

Descendants of cohortem
court curtain humility
Descendants of -ois
Descendants of com
count countless
Descendants of hortus
antenna backyard garden garth hangar junkyard kindergarten orchard shipyard vineyard yard
Descendants of *sker-
course current debt delivery describe despite die due effect effort exact example exchange exist exit expect experience experiment harry her here rape rock row say
Descendants of *kortos