craniospinal etymology

English word craniospinal comes from English spinal, English cranio- (Cranium.)

Detailed word origin of craniospinal

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spinal English (eng) (of a frog, or other experimental animal) Having a pithed brain, but an intact spinal cord.. Of or relating to the spine.
cranio- English (eng) Cranium.
craniospinal English (eng) Relating to the cranium and spine.

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Descendants of cranio-
craniocarpotarsal craniocaudal craniocentric cranioclast craniodiaphyseal craniodistal craniodorsal cranioencephalic craniofacial craniolateral craniomandibular craniomedial craniometer craniometry cranioplasty cranioquadrate craniorachischisis craniosacral cranioscopy craniosynostosis craniosynostotic craniothoracic cranioventral craniovertebral