cryobiology etymology

English word cryobiology comes from English biology, English cryo- (Cold, freezing.)

Detailed word origin of cryobiology

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biology English (eng) The living organisms of a particular region.. The structure, function, and behavior of an organism or type of organism.. The study of all life or living matter.
cryo- English (eng) Cold, freezing.
cryobiology English (eng) The study of the effects of low temperature on living organisms.

Words with the same origin as cryobiology

Descendants of biology
biological biologist
Descendants of cryo-
cryoanaesthesia cryobank cryobuffer cryochamber cryohydrate cryoinjury cryolife cryomicroscopy cryomold cryonic cryonicist cryophysics cryoprecipitate cryoprostatectomy cryopump cryosampling cryoscopy cryosphere cryospheric cryostorage cryosurgical cryosurvival cryosystem cryotherapy