cryochamber etymology

English word cryochamber comes from English chamber, English cryo- (Cold, freezing.)

Detailed word origin of cryochamber

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chamber English (eng) (UK) A single law office in a building housing several.. (dated, usually in plural) Rooms in a lodging house.. (figuratively) The legislature or division of the legislature itself.. (firearms) One of the bullet-holding compartments in the cylinder of a revolver.. (firearms) The area holding the ammunition round at the initiation of its discharge.. (historical) A short piece of ordnance or [...]
cryo- English (eng) Cold, freezing.
cryochamber English (eng) A chamber for cryogenic storage.

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cryoanaesthesia cryobank cryobiology cryobuffer cryohydrate cryoinjury cryolife cryomicroscopy cryomold cryonic cryonicist cryophysics cryoprecipitate cryoprostatectomy cryopump cryosampling cryoscopy cryosphere cryospheric cryostorage cryosurgical cryosurvival cryosystem cryotherapy