cryomicroscopy etymology

English word cryomicroscopy comes from English microscopy, English cryo- (Cold, freezing.)

Detailed word origin of cryomicroscopy

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microscopy English (eng) The study of microscopes, their design and manufacture. The use of microscopes.
cryo- English (eng) Cold, freezing.
cryomicroscopy English (eng) Microscopy carried out at low temperatures.

Words with the same origin as cryomicroscopy

Descendants of microscopy
nanoscopic nanoscopy nanovid supermicroscopic
Descendants of cryo-
cryoanaesthesia cryobank cryobiology cryobuffer cryochamber cryohydrate cryoinjury cryolife cryomold cryonic cryonicist cryophysics cryoprecipitate cryoprostatectomy cryopump cryosampling cryoscopy cryosphere cryospheric cryostorage cryosurgical cryosurvival cryosystem cryotherapy