cryostat etymology

English word cryostat comes from English cryo- (Cold, freezing.), English -stat

Detailed word origin of cryostat

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cryo- English (eng) Cold, freezing.
-stat English (eng) Forming nouns naming scientific instruments that act to render the prefixed element stationary or static in some respect.
cryostat English (eng) (biology) A microtome held at a constant low temperature. Any device used to maintain a constant low temperature.

Words with the same origin as cryostat

Descendants of cryo-
cryoanaesthesia cryobank cryobiology cryobuffer cryochamber cryohydrate cryoinjury cryolife cryomicroscopy cryomold cryonic cryonicist cryophysics cryoprecipitate cryoprostatectomy cryopump cryosampling cryoscopy cryosphere cryospheric cryostorage cryosurgical cryosurvival cryosystem cryotherapy
Descendants of -stat
aquastat aquastatic bacteriostat barostat biostat chemostat clinostat gyrostat haemostasis haemostat haemostatic hemostat hygrostat ophthalmostat pyrostat regulo rheostat siderostat thermostat thermostatic thermostatically