cryptographer etymology

English word cryptographer comes from English crypto- (Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.), English -grapher

Detailed word origin of cryptographer

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crypto- English (eng) Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.
-grapher English (eng) A machine which notates a specified subject. Someone who writes about a specified subject, or in a specified manner.
cryptographer English (eng) A person who is an expert on creating codes and cyphers. Someone who studies cryptology.

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Descendants of crypto-
Cryptozoic cryptoanalytical cryptobenthic cryptobotany cryptochirality cryptochrome cryptoendolith cryptoexotic cryptoflysch cryptofunction cryptoglandular cryptogram cryptography cryptology cryptomaterial cryptophane cryptophone cryptopolyploid cryptoprocessing cryptoprotocol cryptopyrrole cryptosexist cryptotomography cryptovirological cryptozoology
Descendants of -grapher
angiographer calendographer chalcographer chirographer cometographer demographer demonographer elegiographer ethnographer geographer glossographer heresiographer histographer logographer mimographer mythographer paleographer paramiographer petrographer seismographer stereotypographer tasseographer